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Harness the power of your subconscious mind

What we do

Directing the Subconscious Mind through Affirmations, Meditations and Visualizations so you can get the most out of life


Words have power, and your subconscious mind responds to the words you hear as well as the words you say, especially self talk


Taking a mindful rest allows access to the subconscious so you can harmonize your inner and outer worlds


Imagining what you want in great detail directs your subconscious mind to proceed towards your goals

What People are saying

Affirmagic customers in their own words:

“Wow, that was really enlightening. I actually felt my breathing switch from conscious to unconscious and started lightly snoring… I’m impressed!
– Jeff Larson

“Once I got settled it was an easy process to follow. I felt relaxed and calm. It was nice.”
– Bob Cartmill

Very relaxing, may be the first time I have meditated. I will try this daily, thank you.”
– Martha Banks

“I really liked the way the music matched the words. Very relaxing.”

– Debbie Norman

Experience Hypnosis

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